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Dear Friends, Families and Neighbors,

My name is Zion Estes, everyone is well aware of the ongoing massive humanitarian emergency unfolding in Nepal since the major earthquakes have happened. The damage in Nepal is Catastrophic here are some of the devastation statistics done by Red Cross​ and please look at some of these pictures of the Nepal Earthquake to understand the scope and size of this humanitarian disaster and please join our efforts by sending a donation.

I have two friends on the ground who have lived in Nepal off an on their entire life Rakesh Lakhey and Shivili Rana. Rakesh asked me to try to help raise funds because they have been providing water, food, medical supplies, to people in need through their friends donations but its not enough. Currently donations are shipping to Rakesh's house but we may need a bigger location in the future. Currently everyone is donating 100% their time, their own money and services. Once we ramp this up larger than we will have to pay people standard basic administrative costs and later if we ramp up we will have to rent a warehouse to receive goods and pay for shipping delivery and also for builders for building shelters and houses and other infrastructure when that arises. There is a massive problem is with lack of shelters and with major supplies that were delivered from major NGO's being held by the Nepal Government which are not not being NOT BEING DISTRIBUTED.. Many of these major NGO's do not provide full 100% transparency and proof of where all funds are spent and where all goods are delivered that is why we are taking action and building a team and a network of support the help how we can.

Our friends Rakesh and Shivili are providing 100% documentation and disclosure of donations being distributed via pictures, and receipts to ensure donors their funds are actually making a difference. Rakesh and Shivili personally know many people who are in need of aid, and assistance and we are focusing within the near by areas that they can easily reach in the beginning until we can get funding to increase efforts. Rakesh and Shivli are working closely with Red Cross and UNICEF and we know also that product is being properly distributed by these particular branches of Red Cross and UNICEF because they are coordinating with them and taking pictures when possible. So that is why I feel better knowing my time and money goes somewhere that is 100% transparent and accountable and with people I personally know and trust who I can call and speak with daily to hear updates on how things are going and progressing. 

Another supporter and friend of Rakesh named Nani Sahsra also has friends and family in Nepal and she has successfully raised some funds she has already sent Rakesh some donated shipments which got held yesterday by the Nepal Government but Rakesh has all the proper paperwork and said that the shipment should get released in the next day or two and once we get that flowing then we will post all those goods and receipts of what was donated and distributed and Rakesh will document EVERYTHING to ensure donors funds are actually helping people in need. We did get notice from a new team member Nani Sahsra that Antonov Airlines can deliver FOR FREE DONATED GOODS AND SUPPLIES from anywhere in the U.S. to Nepal so we are going to first raise funds to send a plane full of supplies and shelters and then ramp up from there, but for now donations are covering the shipping because we need significant funds to fill a cargo plane. We will keep you all posted and once we get these next shipments and document everything maybe then people might have some heart felt motivation and faith to join us in helping affected people and to rebuild communities in Nepal. 

Our Vision & Mission

Rebuild Nepal Communities Initiative is dedicated to aid and assist relief efforts in Nepal and we are dedicated over the long term to Rebuilding Nepal Communities.  It is our goal to provide the most cost effective aid and infrastructure support for the people who were affected from the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25th 2015 which killed more than 8,000 people and injured twice as many. We are asking you for immediate donations so that we can provide on going medical aid, emergency supplies, food, water, and shelter. Nepal is approaching monsoon season so we are hoping to raise funds as fast as possible so we can work on providing and building shelters for those in need before the rainy monsoon season starts.  We have several options for shelter providers including local building partners who are currently providing and building structures for communities who lost their homes. We were verbally notified today Sunday May 10th 2015 that we now have Air Transport from U.S. to Nepal sponsored by Antonov  for any supplies we are able to get funded and donated. Our team is actively working on providing water, food, medical supplies and shelters in coordination with RED Cross, UNICEF, and other NGO organizations who are all helping with the relief efforts on the ground in Katmandu, Nepal. 

Please support our efforts by donating any amount you can afford many people still need medical aid, emergency supplies, food, water, and especially shelter before the monsoon rainy season hits.

Fundraising Websites - Crowdrise

Donations will be collected by Bridge Global Inc. and are tax deductible.  After the fundraiser ends then funds will be allocated to our ground teams who are providing regular on going medical aid and supplies, food, water, and shelter infrastructure to affected people on the ground in Katmandu, Nepal. We will be posting regular images and video updates as time goes on showing donors our progress. Additionally we will be providing a detailed list of all the food, water, power, communication and infrastructure expenses that we are seeking funding for. Please also visit, like, and share, our Facebook Page  our web page and our crowdfund page and visit and JOIN our Facebook Rebuild Nepal Communities Group!

Our Core Team


Rakesh and Shivili our friends and team in the images below live in Katmandu, Nepal and they are the ones receiving and handling the distribution of donated goods.  Rakesh, Shivli and our team on the ground will be taking pictures and documenting donations that are received and distributed, stay tuned for updates!, and please consider donating to our campaigns!  

Rakesh Lakhey 

Facebook Profile -​​

(on the left) UniFi Access Rebuild Nepal Communities aid and relief effort Director and Katmandu, Nepal Coordinator.

Shvili Rana 

Facebook Profile -​

(on the right) - UniFi Access Rebuild Nepal Communities aid and relief effort Director and Katmandu, Nepal Coordinator.

Zion Estes  

Facebook Profiles  

- UniFi Access Rebuild Nepal Communities Fundraising, Infrastructure, Web Administrator and Technology U.S. Coordinator.

Bruce Marshall Jones 

Facebook Profile -​

UniFi Access Rebuild Nepal Communities Fundraising, Financial Management, and Infrastructure U.S. Coordinator.

Bruce has been a leader and researcher in sustainability, permaculture and holistic integrative health sectors for decades. As a conscious commerce professional Bruce has worked to connect the dots, bring collaboration and cross-pollination from the work of many brilliant scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs. He is now working with an international group of these change makers and their evolutionary sustainability and well-being technologies. Foundational to these efforts has been linking conscious and green minded investors to these innovations through risk mitigated asset management structures. He has founded the triple bottom line company, The Fibonacci Fund,  for just this purpose... i.e. making sure investments include three strong benefits:  People, Planet & Profit.

Bruce also serves on the board of an international non-profit organization, Bridge Global, Inc. who's mission is "Help Women & their Families improve the quality of their life."  Disaster relief, hospitals, schools, education, affordable housing, nutritious food, clean water are among the efforts to work internationally with other non-profits and NGO's to BE the difference we are looking to create. “I stand for a thriving compassionate world that works for everyone with no one and nothing left out. To truly effect change one must not push against what is but rather co-create solutions that make the old ideas obsolete. We all win in the process, including our home planet. “Bruce’s focus has been on investments in breakthrough solutions, with a diverse portfolio of health & wellbeing, sustainability, energy, water, agriculture, permaculture, mining, communications, transportation, disaster relief and humanitarian efforts. Bruce is also our partner and coordinator for Bridge Global Inc. our parent Non Profit partner who will be helping us to collect and allocate funds to our team in Nepal.  

More Team members to be added soon..


Our Current Focus

We are currently working on collecting the best most cost effective medical supplies, food, water as well as building a large team and network to provide solid infrastructure support in Katmandu Nepal. 


Stage One - We have a plan to purchase and deploy water catchment tanks in affected areas in Katmandu, Nepal.These water tanks will have multi stage micro particulate organic filtration systems so people will have access to clean filtered mineral water. We will also be ordering and providing portable water filtration systems for families and for each person.


Currently we are focusing on raising funds so people will have basic foods like rice, beans, and fresh vegetables and salads. Additionally we have identified a hydroponics system which can provide the cheapest way for people in need to grow their own food to become self sufficient and provide an easy way for people to grow their own salads and veggies without needing power or circulating water!


Currently tents are being given out but tents are not suffice during monsoon season so we are collecting the best rapid deployed shelter systems we can find and we now have several options to consider.


We are currently looking at deploying eco friendly portable energy storage systems so people have basic power for their light needs, for hot water, and for basic communications.


We are currently working on providing the most cost effective means of communications using standard cell phone connected to our custom designed WiFi hubs all powered by the sun with battery storage for the evening times.


Primarily we need funds for trucking transport, air transport, and shipping all of the emergency aid kits, medical support, foods, water filtration and bottled water, portable power, shelters, and portable communication systems


We hope you can join us by supporting our Rebuild Nepal Communities Initiative by sending any amount of donation that you can afford. Donations will go directly to our ground support team who are providing support to affected people on the ground in Katmandu, Nepal and we will be posting updates on our progress to show how important your donation was to those in need. 

May God Bless the victims who have already lost their lives to the Nepal earthquake and may those who are injured be helped and receive all the necessary treatment and health that they need and deserve and may those who are helping the relief effort be blessed with the inner strength tools and funding that they needed to continue to take on this difficult task.

If you have food, water, medical supplies, shelter, or communications or anything you think that people might need please contact us we need everything we can get and again we have been told through our partners that Antonov Airlines will transport our cargo donations from anywhere in the United States all the way to Katmandu Nepal!!..

Namaste and God Bless,

Rebuild Nepal Communities Team

Bridge Global Inc.


UniFi Access


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