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Wa'a Hamakua


Wa’a Hamakua, a non-profit community group that is dedicated to the stewardship of land & ocean habitats through the use of traditional Hawaiian Sailing Canoes. Wa’a Hamakua was founded by Hualalai Keohuloa, a long time cultural practitioner and coastal navigator. Hualalai descends from a family of long time voyagers, pioneers of Hawai’i first modern deep sea voyaging canoes, Hokule’a & Makali’i . He is a dedicated cultural teacher, passionate youth advocate and inspirational in his multi-faceted role throughout the community.


Wa’a Hamakua believes in a holistic approach to educational programs for the youth, where children and young adults can enrich their lives with culture and purpose through the use of the Hawaiian sailing canoe.

profile | by Dr. Radut